Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today at Koloa Landing

There are some of you out there who may or may not be familiar with the guy in the picture on the right. His name is Anthony (McScuba to us). What you may not know, is that Anthony is someone who really cares about not only Scuba Diving, but he also cares about Kaua'i! Today I drove down to the Landing [Koloa] to check out the ocean conditions. I was amazed to find Anthony down there cleaning up from the big storm that we had last night. Now I know that some of you will be suprised to hear this. Some of you are probably thinking that this does not sound like the Anthony I know. Well, let me tell you, it is not. Because if you don't think this sounds like Anthony, you don't know him. I just wanted to publicly thank Anthony for doing something that no one else took the time or effort to do.

Some of you may not remember, but the same thing happened to the landing on December 7th of last year. I was the one that was down there cleaning up. Well, tomorrow, 12/12/08, at 8:00am, we are going to have a clean up, to finish what Anthony started. You are all invited to come down and help. We already have commitments from Aquatic Adventures, Sacred Sea/Kauai Down Under and Fathom Five/Ocean Quest to help out. The more the merrier. Thank you to all of you who have helped in the past and are coming to help again.

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