Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is why we do this...

The Turtle Tour was absolutely the highlight of our vacation!! After 6 vacations to Hawaii we finally saw our first turtle and it was was better than we could have hoped for. The photos you took of us were in our inbox waiting for us when we arrived home. The slide show is a beautiful reminder of the day swimming with the Turtles.

Thank you for your patience with the kids. Julia (6 years old) didn't smile in the beginning photo because she was afraid of sharks in the ocean - she has watched too many episodes of "Shark Week" - but now she has not stopped talking about the turtles and swimming in the ocean. Abigail (9 years old) went on the Silver falls horseback tour and said she loved the horses better than the turtles but your tour was a close second best - She's nine years old, of course she likes horses more than turtles.

You and Pat were very quick to notice me (Barb) becoming sea sick. I think we came in just in time. The constant rolling of the waves was ALMOST too much for me - next time I'll take motion sickness meds. I would still go out again, it was that great!!! We will be coming back in 2 years and we will sign up for your tour again!!!!

We have some friends who will be on Kauai in February. I can't wait to show them the photo slide show of our tour. We would like to give them a gift certificate for a Snorkel with the Turtles. Can we purchase a gift certificate from you online?

Brian, We are back in the Willamette Valley. As soon as we landed we were complaining that our feet were cold and we have to put away the flip flops. You are fortunate to live on a beautiful island in the sun and have the opportunity to live in flip flops every day.

Thank you again, for a fabulous time swimming with the Turtles.

Jim and Barbara

Keep it coming!

The photos are excellent. Lots of good one of the turtles. You did a great job for us. We had a wonderful day.
Maria & Kurt

Apr 23, 2008
by theshop
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Great Tour!

Aloha, Brian, Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. We are iced in this morning, so I have time to say Mahalo for a terrific experience! You were the ultimate guide and nurse. I will tell your mom she did a great job raising you! David and I both loved the experience. We recommended your company to everyone we met the rest of the week. We watched the Duck/Beaver game from the Kalypso in Hanalai and I was actually invited to sing at Tahiti Nuis that nite. Surf is up now, we hear. Take care and again, Mahalo! Marcia

Hilton - McCullogh - Morgan
Apr 14, 2008
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kaua'i snorkeling with the turtles

Received the pictures and they are great. Doug is a great guy and is well suited for his job
Thanks again
Oct 10, 2009
by theshop

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turtle Tour

Aloha Jenn,
Yes, we got the pics! Thank you sooo much! we had a blast! You were great....lots of great pics.

Take care!
Dana and Nick

Monday, July 6, 2009

Turtle Magic!

We had a great time!!!

Thanks for the photos.

Reeves Family

You have to see this pictures...

Reeves - Wilson

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun with Turtles

Sun, Jun 28, 2009 5:30 pm
to AAscuba:

Passanante- Heimerdinger

Thank you. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Julie and the turtles. The pics were a bonus to a perfect day.
See you on our return to Kawai,
Dennis and Kate

Friday, June 26, 2009

Turtle Tour Comments

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 3:34 PM:

Thanks Jenn, these photos are great. Demitri absolutely loves them and has done nothing but talked about snorkeling again soon. He's already been practicing in the pool by himself.

Thanks again, it was an awesome experience!
(click picture to see tour)

Michelle, Aaron & Demitri

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turtle Tour

What an awesome time...check out our Turtle Tour!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tunnels Beach

Well, its that time of year again...tunnels time! Here a just a couple of shots from yesterday.
We will be looking for you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting Back To Normal

Well, after a lot of clean-up, Koloa Landing is getting back to normal. Conditions there have been getting better each day. I have heard a few people complain that because of the storms in December, that Koloa will never be the same. I couldn't disagree more. Koloa Landing is phenominal. Even on a bad day, it is better than most other dive sites in Kauai. Thankfully, its starting to show.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why am I an Instructor?

If you have seen any of my posts about Koloa Landing and the diving conditions lately, you may understand why I ask the question, "why am I an Instructor?" Well, today, I was reminded why. I went to teach the pool lesson at the Hyatt, where I had only one person show up. Well, that was a little dissapointing. However, I was even more dissapointed to learn that they would be leaving in the morning. To make it even worse, the other person that brought the first time diver to the pool lesson was a certified diver (Luigi, from Italy) that did a refresher with me a few days before. He scheduled a dive with another company before arriving in Kauai and did not dive with us. He told me that his dive had been cancelled because of ocean conditions. I am batting .1000 here in the dissapointment department. So Luigi introduces me to Simona. She says that she is excited to try SCUBA. Well, O.K. Here we go. So we go through the lesson and are getting ready to practice. As soon as she put the regulator in her mouth, she began to complain that she felt like she was going to faint. She then spit it out of her mouth and said, "I am going to faint. I cannot do this!" To make a long story short, after about an hour of one-on-one and a lot of encouragement, Simona was successful. Now I did not make any money from one paid me for my time. But the reward came in the success of sharing something I love with someone. You cannot put a price tag on that.
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