Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is why we do this...

The Turtle Tour was absolutely the highlight of our vacation!! After 6 vacations to Hawaii we finally saw our first turtle and it was was better than we could have hoped for. The photos you took of us were in our inbox waiting for us when we arrived home. The slide show is a beautiful reminder of the day swimming with the Turtles.

Thank you for your patience with the kids. Julia (6 years old) didn't smile in the beginning photo because she was afraid of sharks in the ocean - she has watched too many episodes of "Shark Week" - but now she has not stopped talking about the turtles and swimming in the ocean. Abigail (9 years old) went on the Silver falls horseback tour and said she loved the horses better than the turtles but your tour was a close second best - She's nine years old, of course she likes horses more than turtles.

You and Pat were very quick to notice me (Barb) becoming sea sick. I think we came in just in time. The constant rolling of the waves was ALMOST too much for me - next time I'll take motion sickness meds. I would still go out again, it was that great!!! We will be coming back in 2 years and we will sign up for your tour again!!!!

We have some friends who will be on Kauai in February. I can't wait to show them the photo slide show of our tour. We would like to give them a gift certificate for a Snorkel with the Turtles. Can we purchase a gift certificate from you online?

Brian, We are back in the Willamette Valley. As soon as we landed we were complaining that our feet were cold and we have to put away the flip flops. You are fortunate to live on a beautiful island in the sun and have the opportunity to live in flip flops every day.

Thank you again, for a fabulous time swimming with the Turtles.

Jim and Barbara


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